Nominated for Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Adult Alternative Recording of the Year, Single of the Year and for the Edmonton Music Prize 2016

the story behind the album


In 1977, Thérèse and Daniel Cournoyer prepared to nestle into retirement. As a part of this, they built a little farm house where they could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The farmhouse was meant to be a place of tranquility for Thérèse to explore as an artist. Natural light flooded the open area of this quaint little space and made it the perfect place of inspiration for a painter. 

In 1981, within the first year of her retirement, Thérèse suffered a stroke that would forever change her life. The road to recovery quickly revealed that she had lost her ability to paint. Four decades of practice had shaped her fine motor movements, all of which were diminished by the tragedy.

For several years the farm house sat empty. It yearned for life; for creation. In November of 2014, Post Script, lead by Thérèse and Daniel’s grandson Paul Cournoyer, did just that. By recording their very first album in the little farm house, the trio was able to bring purpose to the house once again. It became a place to create and to explore. Recording the album If Not For You in a location that holds such history truly enhanced the meaning and emotion behind each and every song. The farmhouse will always be a place where creativity can bloom within the strength of a family.

If Not For You is a compilation of songs that tells the stories of loved ones in our lives. Our family and friends whose adventures have inspired us to create and share music. Each song tells a bit of a story influenced by memories that have been passed down to us. Memories of the people in our lives that we have learned and grown from. This album is the result of all the people who have helped us get to where we are today. If not for them, we wouldn’t be here.

- Post Script