Live Session with BRBR in 2015! 


2015 single "Dear Marie" was streamed 280,000+ times on Spotify, and was featured on the "Canadian Folkies" playlist and "Folk & Friends" playlist.

Single "Dear Marie" won a 2016 Edmonton Music Award for Best Adult Alternative Recording, among nominations for Single of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year

Post Script was the subject of a mini documentary series titled "Balade Á Toronto" filmed in Toronto by Machine Gum, and which aired on UnisTV

upcoming shows

September 13-16 - Breakout West - Edmonton, AB

October 12 - Artesian - Regina, SK 

October 13 - West End Cultural Center - Winnipeg, MB

Shows in 2017

 Jan 14 - The Needle (opening for Craig Cardiff) - Edmonton, AB

Feb 3 - Flying Canoë Volant (headlining slot) - Edmonton, AB          

Feb 12 - Silver Skate Festival - Edmonton, AB                                    

Mar 3 - The Artesian, Regina SK                                                    

Mar 4 - West End Cultural Centre - Winnipeg, MB                            

Mar 9 - The Root - Lloydminster, AB                                                

Mar 10 - The Underground Café - Saskatoon, SK                                

Mar 11 - The Common - Moose Jaw, SK                                      

April 25 - House Show - Winnipeg MB                                          

April 26 - House Show - Regina, SK                                              

April 27 - The Slice - Lethbridge, AB                                              

May 3 - Wine-Oh's - Calgary, AB                                                  

May 5 - Vangeli's - Saskatoon, SK                                                    

May 11 - The Needle with The Hearts & The Northern Beauties  

May 13 - Scott McKeen Campaign Launch - Edmonton, AB        

May 26 - Cathedral Arts Festival - Regina, SK                                

June 3 - Bonnie Fest - Edmonton, AB                                            

June 4 - Lilac Festival - Calgary, AB                                                

June 10-12 - Tiny Lights Festival - Ymir, BC                                  

June 17 - Black Dog - Edmonton, AB                                            

June 17 - Highlandia Festival (headlining slot) - Edmonton, AB    

July 1 - Canada Day Celebrations - Saint Albert, AB                      

July 7 & 8 - Fête Fransaskoise - Pike Lake, SK                                

July 12 - Patio Series at Festival Place - Sherwood Park, AB            

July 26 - Streetcar show - Edmonton, AB                                        

noteworthy Shows from 2016

Feb 17-21 - Folk Alliance International (Showcasing)                        

Feb 26 - West End Cultural Centre - Winnipeg, MB                      

May 27 - Cathedral Village Arts Festival  - Regina, SK                  

June 24/27 - The Works Art & Design Festival - Edmonton, AB      

July 22 - Sasquatch Gathering Festival - Evansburg, AB                   

Aug 12 - Edmonton Chante (headlining slot) - Edmonton, AB          

Oct 15 - Scenic Route To Alaska CD Release - Edmonton, AB

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Short Form Bio

Post Script is a relationship, a constant exchange. Considered to be one of Edmonton’s hidden gem bands (, the distinct flavour of Post Script is coming out of hiding and steadily finding an audience. Their debut album, "If Not For You" embodies the traditional Canadian oscillation between urban living and rural retreat, while also capturing the spirit of the nation’s linguistic divide. Post Script are young, charming musicians, writing and performing songs like old souls for modern times.

Long Form Bio

Post Script is a relationship, a constant exchange. While most accurately described as an indie-folk trio, a small glimpse into the band shows a depth behind the music-makers.  

Founding members Steph Blais and Paul Cournoyer have found a way to navigate the path of personal and artistic identities as a couple, as songwriters seeking to blend bi-lingual influences in their work, and as a group seeking more authentic connections with a growing audience.

The collaboration evolved from a request by Steph’s brother for Paul and her to perform together, which led to songwriting together and the release of a three-song EP in 2013. Its has been constant evolution ever since. Like most groups, the music and songwriting needed to grow, stretch, and settle. This process took a leap forward when the duo expanded to a trio for live performances with the addition of guitar. The imagination of an expanded palette of sound along with a more dynamic live performance was in reach, and the group went to work on a new album in late 2014.

“If Not For You” was recorded in November 2014, though not formally released until October 2015.  The album showcases the best parts of this musical relationship; a charming exchange of languages, a sincere effort to honour their franco-albertan heritage, and a wider range of influences and textures layered in the songwriting. Modern indie-folk permeates many of the tracks, while others give way to more traditional, old-country performances. Steph’s distinct vocal is never without conviction, at times echoing a subtle but satisfying Dolly-twang, and always finding a perfect blend to Paul’s baritone harmonies. Paul’s upright bass provides a steady backbone, while guitar fills every gap with sharp Nashville leads or rich reverb-washed textures.  

“‘If Not For You’ embodies the traditional Canadian oscillation between urban living and rural retreat, it also captures the spirit of the nation’s linguistic divide.” (Grayowl Point, Oct.20/2015) Using the exchange between these divides as the subjects of their songs is a distinct result of this focus on relationship. These are stories, at times conversations, with the past and present people who have left a mark on their lives, and they are often named outright (‘Marcel’, ‘Dear Marie’, ‘Mama’).

Considered “one of Edmonton’s hidden gem [bands]” (, the distinct flavour of Post Script is coming out of hiding and finding an audience, which the group aims to grow significantly while supporting the release of If Not For You. Significant performance invitations in just the past year have included numerous opening slots for touring acts, and appearances at Canmore Folk Music Festival and their hometown Edmonton Folk Music Festival, highlighted with a “tweener” spot on the mainstage.  

In early 2014 they joined the Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland - a collaborative experience which Steph notes “taught us to trust the art, first and foremost”. The experience was shared with an online blogger, who found the group busking during that trip, and later wrote about them, suggesting their music “may be the most gorgeous pieces of melancholia I have heard this year.” (  

Post Script are young, charming musicians, writing and performing songs like old souls for modern times.

T: 780-910-0963